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This app is workable on iPHONE 5 (and Up models) , iPAD 3 (and Up models) AS iPAD 2, iPAD MINI 1 AND iPHONE 4S MAY EXPERIENCE SOME PROBLEMS.
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A story amusement about existence's valuable minutes, broken dreams, and changed arrangements.
"A perfect ordeal" - TouchArcade (10/10)

"Motivated me to cry" - Kotaku
"An unconventional sonnet" - Polygon - (8/10)

Submerge yourself in a visual account as you reveal stories of the old man's life told through wonderful vignettes of his recollections. Cooperate with the tranquil, unconventional condition as you comprehend lively riddles and shape the scene around you, developing the slopes to make the old man's way ahead.

Investigate life's complexities through the old man's eyes as you experience his grief, lament, and expectation

- Designed for touch 

- An effective and enthusiastic account told just through symbolism 

- Gorgeously unusual scenes with hand-drawn workmanship and movements 

- Handcrafted, weight free riddles 

- Unique scene molding repairman 

- A minimal amusement encounter ideal for a hunger for new experiences bringing out escape 

- Original and sincerely convincing soundtrack by SCNTFC 

- Crisp drawings intended to look lovely on your iPhone and iPad

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